Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Pictures

Hi Allison!
Ok, so I am a horrible blogger. I love to read other people's blogs, I just never feel like there is anything exciting in our lives to write about. So I decide even if there isn't anything interesting to write about I can still show off my beautiful girls! Here are the highlights from the summer and a slide show.

The begining of June, my in-laws came down for a visit. My father-in-law also helped Earl build us a deck on the back of our house. We also built a 16x16 sandbox in the backyard too. The next weekend Earl left for his three week long Annual training for the guards. While Earl was at the guards, the girls and I went to my cousin Dana's Open house. YEah she graduated high school. Other than that we just hung out while daddy was gone. The last weekend in June we went to pick Earl up from guards in Sault Ste Marie, when he was done we had a great visit with his family in Newberry. Haley and Amber were able to visit with cousins that they hadn't seen in quite awhile. Over the 4th of July we went camping in our new( to us ) 5th wheel camper, with my parents. The girls had a blast, they loved playing in the sand and water. I think Haley would live in the water all summer if she could. We went for bike rides, fished, fed the ducks, and just had a good time. Oh, did I forget to mention Earl was on TV 9 and 10 news while we were camping? That was funny, I walked back our site from my parents site. When I arrived back at my parent's site, there was Earl talking with a news crew. They were looking for military people and veterans and their view about what the 4th meant to them. He was the opener on the 6 and 11 oclock news. After camping the summer seems to fly by. We got a new dog, her name is Heidi and she is a german shorthair pointer, Earl says he is going to take her hunting, we'll see. Other than a lot of whining at first she is a good dog, she listens well and gets along decent with our lab Brandy. Though Heidi does try to eat most of the food. Earl turned the big 30 in August, along with his two brothers of course. Over Labor Day weekend the girls and I went with my parents camping in Harrison to my dad's friends place. Earl had to guard the Mackinaw bridge for the annual bridge walk. He said there were lots of people. Then of course School started! Haley had her first day of Kindergarden. How exciting, though technically it was her 3rd first day of school. She was not very excited about school at first because she didn't have the teacher that she wanted. She decided that she would give it a try with the other teacher, and she is doing just fine. It helped that she has a couple of kids from her Readiness kindergarden class in the new kindergarden class. She is still upset though, because she cannot see her friend Madison very much. Apparently the kindergardeners have their own playground away from everyone else, and Madison is in the first grade. So last weekend Madison had Haley spend the night. Haley's first sleepover! My little girl is growing so big! She had a good time even though it was raining and they couldn't go outside.
Haley also started going to CLC at the Coleman Weslyan. She is doing well and is excited because if she can recite her memory verse she can get a prize tomorrow.
Amber is growing like a weed although she is still small I think. She is into everything she can get her tiny little hands into. She thinks it is great fun to get into the fridge and get things out. She had 3 juice boxes out tonight, must have been really thirsty! We have been teaching her body parts and she is really good with eye (she likes to poke people in the eye while demonstrating), nose, ear, hair and feet. She is also talking a lot more now too, though only we can probably understand most of it. She is so funny because she wants to be just like big sister Haley. Amber follows Haley all over the place and mimics a lot of what Haley does. Sometimes that is good and sometimes NOT. Anyways gotta get to bed now, hope you like the pictures.

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Shoemaker Family said...

Wow...that was A LOT of pictures...and I watched every single one of them because I LOVE IT WHEN YOU UPDATE!!!

Crazy girls...crazy parents...So happy for Haley being a Kindergartner!!!!